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A3 1.8 TQS Year 2000 104k

Endacy May 24, 2013

  1. Endacy

    Endacy Member

    For sale is my Audi A3 1.8T Quattro Sport 180BHP. W reg (year 2000) which avoided the tax price hike if you have a 2001 registered one of these. 5 door, electric sunroof, air conditioning with climate control, cruise control, 6 CD changer, full leather interior. Xcarlink Ipod connector.

    The bodywork is overall very good and I have had some minor areas that were poor professionally sprayed at a cost of £600. There is a car park dent in the rear left door about the size of a 10p. A few minor marks on the rear bumper where things have been loaded. Overall excellent for it’s age.

    Interior is overall very smart, rear seat has a few scratches (were there when I bought it), rear left door panel has a couple of marks where stuff hit it when loaded with the seats down.

    Engine is brilliant, smooth, powerful and quiet, no funny noises hiccups or hesitation. Covered 104k and is smoother than brand new cars I’ve driven, and I drive a lot at work.

    If this car needed something it got it, and it got the best one be that genuine or otherwise.

    What I have replaced since I have owned it in 4 1/2 years:
    Coil packs (genuine)
    Coil pack wiring (genuine)
    Front AND rear anti roll bars and bushes (genuine)
    Front wishbones (1 genuine, 1 Lemforder)
    Rear springs (genuine)
    Rear track control arms (genuine)
    Tailgate gas struts (genuine)
    Radio (genuine refurbished)
    Air con regassed and fully working
    Dashboard DIS – professionally repaired, no missing pixels
    Temperature sender
    Scuttle panel below windscreen (cracked when I did wiring) (genuine)
    Water pump (changed by VW main dealer)
    Aux drive belt
    Plus a LOT more that I can’t remember right now but has a stack of receipts for.

    A few upgrades:
    Facelift rear lights which are much smarter (genuine parts)
    R32 rear anti roll bar, genuine part.
    Front upper strut brace (genuine)
    Big S3 brakes front AND rear. High quality genuine and Lucas parts used throughout.
    Autobahn88 silicone TIP (Turbo Intake Pipe) – smoother power delivery and better torque low down

    Forge 007p dump valve in black – no performance gain, just a better bit of kit and has yellow spring ready for a remap if you want to go that route.
    LED interior lighting and red footwell lighting to compliment the red interior and dash lighting

    For sale because I’m saving for a new car, an S4.

    Pictures are from last year, haven't taken new ones because the weather is so bad at the moment here but it looks the same!

    Quick sale needed for my deposit money.


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