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A3 1.8 T Sport on S plate - revs drop at idle / hesitation on initial acceleration

Handsome Pete May 1, 2014

  1. Handsome Pete

    Handsome Pete New Member

    Hi All,

    Please could you help with this condition:

    At idle, the revs used to be rock solid at ~ 950 rpm when warm and a little higher when cold. Now the revs drop to about 600 rpm for a short time then rise to 1,200 rpm before settling to ~950 rpm, for a short time ... and the cycle then repeats. When I pull away from lights, there is a hesitation between accelerator pedal depression movement and response from engine, which wasn't there before. When I slow to stop at red light, I depress the brake pedal and the resistance felt after initial movement is much less ... the pedal travel is further for the same braking effort.

    Everything is original from 1998, I know this because I've owned it from 6 months old. Full service history with Audi. (Original coil packs). Recent fuel filter and associated pipe to tank fitted. Last 5 years or so, run on BP Ultimate 97 RON petrol. Engine with Mobile 1 0w40 from 3rd service. Car covered 107,500 miles of mainly town driving.

    No codes as yet to help.

    Appreciate any advice on common / usual / most likely faults.

  2. Tony77

    Tony77 Member

    Fella I had a subaru like that changed dump valve all sorted 😁
  3. Handsome Pete

    Handsome Pete New Member

    I thought I'd post what seems to be the fix after one week one. Cleaning the throttle housing internal bore removed so much black dirt and gunge that it now runs as before - rock steady idle speed and no hesitation on pulling away.
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