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A3 1.8 NA/T buying guide

A4NA18 Jan 25, 2008

  1. A4NA18

    A4NA18 Member

    Good day A3 lads,

    Just wanted to ask a question about the checks you should do on an A3.

    What is the interval for the timing belt change, oil change, etc...

    Thanks for your support!
  2. rodenal

    rodenal Active Member

    Best thing to do is read the S3 buying guide at the top of the a3 forum, it's much the same as an A3.

    If you can afford the insurance then a 1.8T is a much better option than a 1.8 n/a, they're hardly blisteringly quick but much happier to keep up with traffic and of course a remap will help on the performance front. MPG is identical too

    Timing belt is officially 80k and 5 years(i think), any1 looking to keep the car in good shape will have it changed every 60k or 3-4 years tho.

    Oil change depends wether the car is on longlife servicing etc but again i'd recommend changing it every 5-7000 miles or so

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