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A3 1.6tdi review?

adamcourtenay Dec 23, 2012

  1. adamcourtenay

    adamcourtenay New Member


    I was about to place an order for a company car on the 2.0tdi s-line s-tronic, when they decided to worsen the scheme. For the same price, I can now only get a 1.6 tdi and wondered how everybody with it is finding it? The spec would be:

    - S-tronic
    - Scuba blue
    - Panoramic roof
    - B&O speakers
    - Hill hold
    - Technology pack
    - Alcantara
    - Heated Seats
    - Comfort pack

    Also, any idea when the s-tronic will become available on the sportback?

    Thanks all, I have searched around - including this forum - but can't find much beyond the odd post on the 1.6 tdi. I live in London so most of my driving is local, although I do want something that I enjoy on some B roads!
  2. Chester Draws

    Chester Draws Member


    there was a review on Autoexpress of the 1.6 , they gave it 5 stars

  3. Spurrellian

    Spurrellian Member Team Cosmic Blue TFSI Owners Group Audi A3

  4. adamcourtenay

    adamcourtenay New Member

    Thank you for providing the link. The article doesn't really mention much about the engine in everyday life, I was hoping that somebody who already owns the 1.6 tdi could give a quick guide on what it's like to live with on a daily basis.

    What I'm interested in is acceleration up to about 30 mph and mid-range torque. I'm just a bit concerned it might feel underpowered and although I much prefer autos for London driving, I could get the manual 2.0 tdi instead.
  5. Vertigo1

    Vertigo1 Well-Known Member

    I think you'll find it fine to be honest, it just won't have the ultimate poke of the 2.0TDI but you'll no doubt gain in fuel economy which should compensate.

    The "lower" diesel engines used to be a serious compromise as they were old technology. The base 1.9TDI in the old A3 was an awful engine (sorry anyone who had/has one but it's true). It was an update version of an ancient engine, pressed into use as an entry level option and was very harsh and noisy.

    The new 1.6TDI is an all new unit as far as I know and should be just as refined and modern as the 2.0TDI, just with less power really :)
  6. adamcourtenay

    adamcourtenay New Member

    Thanks Vertigo for the response, that has put my mind at rest a bit! I would love to get the 2.0tdi manual but I just know i'll regret it when sitting in the many traffic jams around here.
  7. James P

    James P New Member

    Hi Adam,

    Been driving mine for a month now. Car is beautifully finished inside & out. So far I'm disappointed in the engine though. I opted for the 1.6 over the 2 litre since I cover a lot of miles and was sold on the 'claimed' fuel economy. Torque is reasonable through 1st to 4th gear. 5th and 6th are a real struggle particularly since the car is highly geared . I've covered over 3,000 miles now and struggle to achieve 56mpg (a far cry from the published figure of 74.3mpg) on my 40 mile commute to work. Raised the issue with my local Audi centre, but got the usual spiel that the car will improve as it's 'run in' Here's hopin!. My advice would be to sacrafice a few extras and go for the 2 litre engine.
  8. suzannec

    suzannec Member

    Ditto. You'll suffer more on Benefit in Kind tax but it will be worth it. Fuel ecconomy is awful, no idea what they did to the engine as it gave great fuel economy on the 61 plate! The power is pretty poor too, again it felt far better in the 61 plate although I've got the s-line now so it feels a solid ride. I've found the s-line spec really lovely, the standard interior is good too with no need to upgrade although I'll second heated seats. Not found I needed hill start. My colleague has B&O and yeah it sounds fab but tbh the standard stuff sounds fine to me too.

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