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A3 1.6i mods

Ad Mar 20, 2007

  1. Ad

    Ad New Member

    Hi all

    Does anyone know of some easy mods I can get for my A3 1.6i (102bhp).

    I've been trying to get an air induction kit and thought I'd solved it with a Raid HP system but despite it being "designed specifically" it didnt fit and raid were less than helpful.

    Does anyone know if the air box and fittings on the 1.6i is the same as any other engine types?

  2. HeliChris

    HeliChris Learning to fly 3D

    Hi Ad

    Your problem is going to be the starting point. Tuners are in business to make money so they concentrate on performance orientated easy to tune models first like the 2.0TFSI or the diesel turbos.

    In addition your gains are going to be small i.e. 1-2 bhp, which within a week you will be totally used to, and your only option would be then to throw more and more money at it.

    I suspect the reason your starting point is a 1.6i is because you are a younger driver and the insurance would kill you for a faster model, but from my experience the best way to a faster car is to buy one in the first place, it’s a better use of the money you can waste tuning for little gain. I am not talking about turbo chips where you get big gains for little money, but NA engine tuning where you get little gains for big money.

    Sorry if this not what you want to hear.

  3. HeliChris

    HeliChris Learning to fly 3D

    I think K & N might do a replacement element, which is as far as I would go.
  4. Boydie

    Boydie Guest

    i would agree with you helichris

    i had a 1.2 clio years ago and i had a performance exhaust (say performance lightly) and a k&n IK

    to this day i doubt it did anything for the car except drink petrol!

    best thing you can do with you 1.6 is to either sell it for something quicker or be happy with what you have and modify it aesthetically - add some optional extras which you dont have, votex/vortex audi kit, bigger/different wheels, lower it, sound system etc... but dont over do it

    do it as how audi intended with subtle styling

    failing that - just stick with it for another year, get another NCB under your belt and save like crazy

    ANNANBHOY Livin' It Up !

    i have a 1.6 the same as you and my advice is to just stick with it. as someone said you can always add a kit to it or lower it etc. if i had to choose between looks and performance i would always choose looks !

    ive had mine 3 years now and getting rid of it in the next month or so. got an A4 2.0 TDI 170bhp Special Edition S-Line on the way and i cant wait.

    good things come to those who wait
  6. Staz

    Staz is a retronaut Moderator VCDS Map User

    Yeah dude I was in the same boat. First car was a 1.1 fiesta, then a 1.6 but I always wanted more power and knew it would cost loads just for small gains. I saved my money and got a CTR eventually. It was worth the wait!
  7. HeliChris

    HeliChris Learning to fly 3D

    Sorry to say I am now an old git, but it has its advantages like collecting my new A3 Sport 2.0TFSI Quattro on Friday and paying less than £500 for fully comp :) Including Buiness Miles

  8. mfspen

    mfspen Member

    That sounds expensive. I'm paying £285 to Direct line, incl protected no claims, legal protection and hire car.

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