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A3 1.6 MPG? What do you get?

A3 Sport Nov 7, 2009

  1. A3 Sport

    A3 Sport Member

    What MPG should I be getting from my 1.6 A3? I have seen the official figures, but what kind of figures are you guys getting, on urban, and combined journeys?
  2. nvc

    nvc Member

    my 1.6 get average 34mpg, on average road, and depends on the petrol I fed it
  3. Khufu

    Khufu Well-Known Member

    i suppose it depends on how you drive too. I can average 36+ while kicking about the country roads but If driving sensible on bypass/motorway etc I can get 42+ and thats on the 2.0 FSI

    It has been known to been about 26+ on short highed spirited journeys LOL
  4. Tommy

    Tommy Makinen...ha

    No idea what im doing to the gallon but im gettin 300 to the tank or there abouts...Pretty bad in my eyes!
  5. jb0o

    jb0o North East Forum Moderator Regional Rep Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    Yeah, I'm not too happy with my 1.6FSI.

    I've seen 45mpg on a motorway run, which Ive been okay with, but in town no matter how I drive I'm lucky to get more than 33mpg.
  6. a3motion

    a3motion audi a3 s line 2009 model

    i have preety much the same car as u, i get around 33mpg, quite ***** really should have got a 1.9 tdi and i would have had a double exhaust
  7. jamieswales

    jamieswales Active Member

    Mine is terrible.

    I put £20 in yesterday, the trip said I had 175 miles worth...i have done 30 miles since and its now down to 110 miles. I litteraly get half what the trip says. Anyone know what could be wrong?
  8. plantfoot

    plantfoot New Member

    I had a 1.9TDI was getting 61MPG door to door and best on M/way 81 MPG not going faster then 50 MPH how have a3 1.6 tdi best I can get is 48 to 50 MPG realy rubbish audi say should get 68 MPG
  9. areeb1

    areeb1 Member

    I have an 04 8p 1.6 not the FSI version.

    My car is shocking on fuel, around town I get roughly 20mpg. IfI'm conservative and/or cruising I can get it into the mid thirties.

    I recently did a trip to Paris and back from North London, I averaged 34 mpg.

    My Mum has a a 08 A4 Cabriolet 1.8T and she can easily get 36-40 around town.
  10. FranA3

    FranA3 FMDETAILING Regional Rep Site Sponsor Gold Supporter Audi A3 Team Brill Red

    with my 1.6fsi i get round 45 everyday then on a good run ive seen up too 57 mpg
  11. scotty0189

    scotty0189 Prepairing to Land

    Just as a reference, and not wanting to turn this into a MPG thread, but my 170 quattro does mid 40's - low 50's on a combined run and mid-high 30's in town.
  12. plantfoot

    plantfoot New Member

    Just been on a run into the country about 80 miles long some m/way and country lanes as you can see from the photo I managed to get 58.2 MPG 2012-08-12 14.17.22.jpg Tank half full I have 315 mile left in tank and have done so far 3846 on the clock (hard to see on pic ) Car has only done 4636 miles total. I had turned off all Electrics ( No running lights no fan blower No radio ) two people in the car also lifted air pressure in tyre to 36PSI in front 32PSI in back. All the time while driving taking foot off accelerator when possible to cruse, when coming to a junction if no car behind cruse to junction. Also trying to not let rev go over 1500 ( but not possible all the time). Not a relaxing drive had to work at it. still only averaged 50.9 on computer 2.

    Could not drive like this on going no fun. just wanted to see what I could get, still not good enough. If I had done this with my 1.9 TDI A3 would of got 80+ MPG

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