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A3 1.6 converted to LPG

biryets Jun 16, 2007

  1. biryets

    biryets New Member

    Yesterday I took my new A3 1.6 to be converted to LPG. I have the basic non-FSI engine.
    At today's fuel prices, I don't need a Humvee to break even very quickly. Audi warranty for fuel injection system is voided I know but this engine has been around for some time and should have no surprises.
    This evening I was so excited. It was just how I felt before my A3 was deliverd brand new.
    When I picked it up, we went to the fuel station and I was shown how to top up with LPG.
    I've now taken it for a test drive 20 miles round London and sofar I'm impressed.
    The installation is the new sequential gas injection KIT. After abit of a sprint on the M25, I could not detect any difference in power.

    -Good job done by garage. LPG-filler cover colour matched with my bumper (Akoya Silver)
    -very hardworking, friendly and helpful mechanic. (job done in 1 day)
    -Cannot tell difference between running on petrol or LPG. I cannot even tell even when the changeover occurs.
    -The setup does not tamper or even affect the original petrol system. when you switch to petrol, its like the LPG system never existed.
    - Price of LPG
    -I don't wake the whole neighbourhood when I start my car on a cold morning (the car starts on petrol and transfers to LPG when the engine is warm enough)
    - And its not as bad for the envirnment like petrol or diesel.

    -The smell of gas (like house hold cooking gas) when you disconnect the LPG nozzle after filling up.
    -Loss of spare wheel as that is the location of the LPG tank. - I never liked the space saver wheel any ways. I had to use the spacers that allow you to fit a full size spare wheel in the place of the spacesaver spare. I'll now carry those puncture fix spray cans.
    -A small loss of boot space because the floor is raised. (not much space in my opinion) I can still fit every thing I could before.
    -LPG filling takes abit longer than petrol or diesel. about 1 1/5 times i.e. 5 mins instead of 3 minutes.

    Stay tuned as I'll post some pics and keep you updated with my experience with LPG.
  2. Vertigo1

    Vertigo1 Well-Known Member

    Interesting read but you forgot a crucial "negative" - the much lower MPG of LPG. Combined with the much lower price you do win overall but it does mean the half-price at the pump isn't quite as good as it looks.
  3. steve184

    steve184 Active Member

    yeh lol that engine is probably only capable of 30mpg anyway so with lpg prob down to 25! Think you can get that out of a 2.0T fairly easily correct me if im wrong??? With lots more power! Seems a bit of a pointless exercise to me?????
  4. biryets

    biryets New Member

    I've been driving all day and still on my first tank of LPG. Can't say what the MPG is. I'm still cruising. Out of curiosity, I tested the top speed and it is the same for LPG as for Petrol. Not on public roads off course. I don’t plan to drive at those speeds anyway.

    BTW not every one is an Alonso/schumacher wannabe. Some of us prefer to enjoy the scenery while listening to the soothing music in comfort.
    I'm very happy with its performance. If I wanted to show off I’d have a ford Focus ST or some other Boy racer toy.
  5. steve184

    steve184 Active Member

    in which case rather than spend a wad of cash on an lpg conversion why didn't you spend more on the car and get a diesel? (still slow as you prefer) but would be a wiser investment, you will never get your money back for the lpg conversion when you come to sell as the base car just isnt in demand - if it was a 3.2 i expect it would be a superb idea, given the performance benefits and high fuel consumption

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