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A3 1.6 2002 OIL level sensor and engine management light

Milkwood Aug 13, 2007

  1. Milkwood

    Milkwood New Member

    Had my Oil level sensor replaced by my dad (BMW Specialist) last week but the warning light on my dash is still telling me it needs replacing? It was a genuine part from Sinclair Audi in Swansea, Any Ideas?

    Plus the engine management light comes on now and again, Went to Audi In Newport to put it on the diagnostic and only the Oil level sensor came up as a Problem?? Any Ideas?

  2. terrysingh

    terrysingh Member

    hi matey
    i had a simular problem on my a4 had a intermitant oil low warning that kept coming up, changed the oil level sensor, and even the dash as told to by the stealers (got a replacement of ebay and had it correctted?) was'nt about to pay 400+ quid, ended up being the wrong oil grade in the car, i had i privately serviced when i got it nearly 3 years ago, and never had a problem since the correct oil was used,

    try a oil change you never know?

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