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A3 1.4TFSi info and question

vanaaken Sep 15, 2008

  1. vanaaken

    vanaaken Member


    Havn't posted on here for a while so though I'd post a few things I've noticed, firstly just checked the oil on the car and noticed it was down on to the minimum, only took 0.5l to fill guessing this is normal esp as the cars doen 11.5k miles in 15 weeks!

    Quick question has anyone had an issue where when you work the car hard and change gear you get large jolt almost like when you have hit an overboost limit and the engine shutsdown for a second?

    Finally did a 130 mile run from Epsom to Leicester last week and had a combined figure of 56.0mpg ok I was doing 55mph all the way following my boss in his 7.5T van but still quite impressed, god knows what figure I would of got in an oil burner!


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