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jackintheb0x May 19, 2013

  1. jackintheb0x

    jackintheb0x New Member

    Has any one else recently ordered the new 1.4 TFSI S-LINE SPORTBACK???? I put my order in on saturday and the sales rep was very vague about delivery times. He eluded towards October which seems a bit of a long wait. has any one else been given this as a delivery waiting time. Also if anyone has 1.4 TFSI what is the real world MPG like?? is it far off the quoted 54mpg that audi suggest?? I have a 2.0 TFSI S-LINE SPORTBACK with QUATTRO at the moment and it is hemorrhaging petrol money at the moment so any thing better than 16mpg is a bonus!!!!
  2. Daveotto

    Daveotto Moderator Staff Member Moderator Team Floret Silver Gold Supporter Audi S3 S3 Saloon


    Welcome to the forum, 5 months is fairly typical at the moment, plenty of threads to read on the subject. Think we are all frustrated but it won car of the year is a brand new model and for such a great car would we expect anything else, audi have to create the desire, would not be the same if we could rock up to a dealer and walk off with one from the forecourt.

    Cant talk for the 8v but my 8p 1.4TFSI has a long term average of 40mpg, also some threads on same subject
  3. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    Welcome to the site.

    I used to get 16mpg tanking it in my S4 4.2 V8, so how you're getting that on a 2.0 tfsi is beyond me, somethings up or your foot is concreted :)
  4. jackintheb0x

    jackintheb0x New Member

    i know the wait is making the car alot more desirable but patience is not my strong point at the best of times. ohh well be all the more sweeter when the day comes.

    To tell you the truth my fiance drives the car more than me so we can blame her for the horrific fuel efficiency. short sharp journeys also arn't helping the cause.
  5. mjcourtney

    mjcourtney Well-Known Member Team Mythos Audi A4 Audi Avant Owner Group S-line owners group TDi

    I've had my 1.4tfsi s-line sportback for 2 months now. I doubt you'll ever get near the 54mpg stated by Audi, but I've been averaging 41mpg in mixed driving so far (2000 miles total mileage so far).

    If I switch to grandad mode I can achieve around 50mpg on some journeys, but it's not realistic to drive like this all the time.

    That said, I love it - it's the perfect blend of performance, economy and style. And at £2k cheaper than the 2.0tdi it's still cheaper to buy and drive over three years based on 12k miles per year.

    I waited around 5 months from order to delivery, so your dealers advice seems about right.
  6. viperfire

    viperfire Active Member

    Real world is high 30s. I'm on 36mpg now but mainly do local driving. Also i ordered Jan 17th and delivered May 16th if that's any idea for you
  7. jackintheb0x

    jackintheb0x New Member

    thanks mate. appreciate the reply.

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