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A3 1.4 TFSI Remap plus a few other q's

STW May 19, 2009

  1. STW

    STW New Member


    Long time reader and first time poster

    I'm not the most mechanical minded when it comes to some of the more tehcnical discussions on here so go gently on me!

    I purchased an 09 A3 1.4 TFSI Sportback s-line in April. Impressed with it so far and i've been thinking about a remap after reading some of the performance improvements that the folks on here talk about once this is done. Couple of questions -

    - has anyone had their 1.4 TFSI remapped and if so whats it like and would you recommend?
    - i live in central scotland and have been quoted a price from a glasgow based company of £425 (inc VAT) which they say will increase bhp from 125 to 160. in laymans terms what impact would i notice in the performance? i've had 1.6 a3 previously and when it had been in audi dealers getting various bits fixed i've had both a 1.9 TDI and 2.0 T courtesy cars which both had the "push you back in your seat feeling" when you floored them. whislt the 1.4 TFSI doesnt necessearly have that seem rush/oomph it is still very pleasant especially around the 3500/4000 revs mark. would the increase to 160 bhp give me more of "push you back in your seat" feeling?
    - The price seemed a bit steep to me as i thought it would be about £300-£350 so any thoughts on this being a decent price would be appreciated or if anyone knows companies in my area they would recommend?

    S line badges and grill - as you will know the new 09 s-lines has the same grill as standard A3 (which has peeved me somewhat as when i ordered the car from the dealer the one in the showroom was pre-face lift and had the "correct" s-line grill which i think is cosmetically much smarter and one of the reasons i went for s-line but whatcha gonna do now!). I have obtained an s-line grill badge and clips from e-bay and havbe tried to follow the thread on here on how to put these on but to no avail. anyone got any helpful suggestions or advice if its poss to change certain aspects of the grill to give it the more chrome-ish effect that previous s-line grills had? would this be an expensive mod?

    Finally - pedals. whilst talking to the same garage that i enquired about the remap, i also asked for a cost for replacing current pedals with the S3 pedals and they seem to think its simply a case of placing some sort of "sock" over the current pedals but i'm sure it cant just be as simple as this and would be a task that actually requires new pedals installed and have read prices quoted on here of about £130 ish. Or is my ignorance of such mechanical matters showing me up here?

    Thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully help me with my questions

  2. Staz

    Staz is a retronaut Moderator VCDS Map User

    Hi mate, welcome to the forum.

    Any remap with gains like that is going to make a huge difference to the way the car drives. It may just be unique to the 2.0T but the remaps on my A3 2.0T and S3 have both given a lot of extra low down grunt, so whilst the peak power gains are whatever they are it's the increase in torque that makes it more worthwile.

    The best answer is to go somewhere that offers a 7 day trial and see if you think it was worth the money!
  3. 10blazin


    Im pretty clueless when it comes to cars but would a remap be good for a 1.4T remember renault 5 gt turbo's always blowing up ....
    Ive not herd anyone with a 1.4 on here thats done it yet so maybe do some research on google too , Just to make sure your not gona kill it after 6 months...
    Maybe im talking rubbish i dont know , Id just wait for alot of answers before doing it ...
  4. Staz

    Staz is a retronaut Moderator VCDS Map User

    Blazin we're talking about remaps that are well within the capabilities of the engine. GT5s were always tuned to the max weren't they?
  5. anton2015

    anton2015 Member

    What places give a longer remap trial than REVO ? like the 7 day mentioned one
  6. ahaydock

    ahaydock Member

    How would a remap affect the warranty on a new car?

    Did you go for the remap? If so what did you think?
  7. PTTM

    PTTM Pedal to the Metal!!!

    Do you have Manual or DSG?
    I got my pedals (DSG - Brake and Accelerator) changed to the chrome ones that were on the pre-facelift S3. Whether they have changed now I dont know. Its a simple "sock" for the brake and a whole new unit for the Accelerator. Basically just push two pins in at the base of the unit and unclip a lead. Replace with new one and bobs your uncle!

    VAG Parts was where I got mine but they went bust due to the strength of the euro apparantly. Next best place maybe your nearest Audi Dealer.
    Have to see what other ppl say in that department. Marcquinlivan helped me out last time. Havent seen him post in a while though!
    Gd luck!
  8. jmotero

    jmotero New Member

    I just got my 1.4T manual remapped last week (REVO Stage 1) and i have to say that the difference is actually very big, specially at the higher revs mark, i mean, before the remap the engine was kind of 'dying' at 5000rpm, but now you can feel the push up to 6000 rpm which makes the car feel much more faster than before.
    Talking about numbers, i can't say anything yet, but i'm getting the car dyno'd next week, so i'm gonna see the real improvement...
    Just in case anyone is interested, my car delivered 132bhp and 217Nm (Stock)
  9. will-i-a-m

    will-i-a-m Member

    I did a post back and there were not so many 1.4T guys on here so its good to see there are now more :), i will also getting the Revo stage 1 so once you get your figures post them up would be good to compare.

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