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A3 08 Concert options

ecnirp98 Jan 13, 2014

  1. ecnirp98

    ecnirp98 New Member


    Just bought an 08 A3, really happy with it, but looking at options for the stereo, the stereo is the standard 2 DIN Concert, it has a CD MP3 player and an AUX Port under the handbrake. The Bluetooth works really well with my Samsung S4 and I like the stereo controls on the steering and the integration with DIS.

    My Previous car had a Sony head unit where I could plug a 16GB SD memory card in and it could store hundreds of albums, so really missing that, I like the integration of the standard Concert stereo, was wondering if there is any easy way to add the use of memory cards? I've looked at the RNSE and its abit too expensive, i'm also concerned it could be a target for thieves.

    I read in the manual some stereos have a USB port in the glove compartment, I've checked and mine does not, is there any easy way to get this option?


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