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A3 '07 Concert II head unit dead

tefkab Nov 24, 2013

  1. tefkab

    tefkab New Member

    Hi All

    I have a 2007 A3 140 TDi Sportback with the Bose system and my head unit is dead. It went from working to totally dead, no prior symptoms. I've checked the fuse box (Fuse 8 in the engine bay is the one for the ICE?) and it's intact. I've had the unit out, checked the connectors and the mini-fuse on the back of the unit and the connector looks OK, fuse is intact.

    I'm starting to think I need a new unit, but I used to be an electronics engineer in a previous life so I'll have a go at fixing anything if it saves me some cash. Does anyone know if I'm on the right track, or is there another fuse, relay or common fault that I've not been able to find which I should be looking at, or are these units easily repairable? The pinout for the connector shows the following, but which connector is the main power in? Thanks in advance.

    concert pinout.jpg
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2013
  2. rikia93

    rikia93 Active Member


    I've recently taken out my Concert II single din from my 2006 A3, No longer need it so if you cannot get this working again PM for mine!


    SWILKO Member

    Wife has a 2007 Passat with a RCD 500, which is a similar unit but subtle differences at the front end. Her stereo went on the blink too just last week, I checked everthing but at the end of the day youll probably be charged £40 just to find the fault.

    I got a second hand one on ebay and Im just going to dismantle the old one to get the CD's out!
  4. tefkab

    tefkab New Member

    Yeah just seen one go on ebay for £31 + pp, code included, I may as well give it a go. PM sent Ricky.

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