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A2 SE Ride Very Hard any solution please

RogerTDI Sep 10, 2007

  1. RogerTDI

    RogerTDI New Member

    The wife has an A2, lovely car but very hard ride. Potholes seem unreal !

    Has anyone done anything to soften things up a bit ?

    The Tyres are an unusual size ie 185/50/16 profile, has anyone changed them to say a 60 or 65 profile tyre there seems space around the wheel arches, would I need to recalibrate the speedo at all, would it solve the ride issues ?
  2. madvw

    madvw Active Member

    Is it a new car? have the suspension spacers been removed when the car was PDI'd? There was a case before on here where they hadn't...
  3. spike

    spike New Member

    Hi RogerTDI
    There is a lot of info about suspension tuning on the A2 owners club web site- see link below. The best set-up for comfort is to fit Koni FSD shocks and 15" wheels with 195/55/15 tyres. If you want to stay with 16" rims then any tyre with a deeper sidewall depth will improve the ride. I don't know anyone who has tried them but 195/55/16's will probably fit - but will make the speedo read about 5% slow (1.5 mph at 30) As they usually read up to 5% fast anyway, then it could actually end up more accurate(but don't try using this excuse if you get stopped for speeding)

    Cheers Spike
  4. terrysingh

    terrysingh Member

    hi mate
    my wifes got a a2 too. had to change the front wishbone bushes and arb links, when we got it seems to be a common problem, rides nice now
  5. RICHD10

    RICHD10 New Member

    I have the same promblem, got a 1.6 FSI sport and its ride is awfull on bumpy roads but sound on motorways etc. Interested in quick wins as not that familure with mechanical changes?
  6. *Unkle*

    *Unkle* Member

    Hi RICHD10

    It seems its 3 things that contribute to the harsh ride on the sport.

    Sports seats. (You sit on them instead of in them).
    Stiffer springs and shocks. (GMBH Audi sports suspension).
    Large wheels with the low profile tires. (17" wheels with 205:40R17).

    The seat are not really an option to change. £ -

    The springs and shocks could be changed for Koni FSD with Weitec springs. It will have a softer ride, probably won't lower that much. £500- £700

    Fit 205:45R17 tyres will give you a slightly larger side wall to the tyre (45% instead of 40%) and shouldn't rub when fully loaded. £350 - £500

    The idea of the sport model is to have a tighter riding car a bit more sporty than normal, If you change it you will alter the original characteristics and therefore reduce the sporty effect slightly, but it may help you pot hole issue. :icon_thumright:

    Good Luck with it, I know its a harsh ride but its great through the corners!!


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