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A2 pdf brochure - early models???

S3Si Aug 15, 2006

  1. S3Si

    S3Si Member

    Does anyone have a pdf file of the A2 brochure for the first A2s (think spec etc may have changed as the model aged)? The other half has got quite keen on the 1.4 petrol version but I can't get hold of a brochure anywhere - she likes the pretty pictures... and I don't really want to pay for one on ebay.

  2. deemde

    deemde Member

    I would also like information on A2 model specifications. I always intended to buy a new A2 in 2007, when some savings matured, of course I have left it too late.
    My requirements are fairly basic in that I am really only interested in 1.4 TDis, as this, together with the 1.4 petrol, were the only models available in Eire. (I would consider buying a UK car, but the registration tax in Ireland is phenominally expensive.) So, my questions are as follows:
    1. Which coloured cars (for preference, non-metalic) had black, or at least, dark grey interiors? Cloth, of course, not leather.
    2. Were cars available in Basic, non-tarty, spec. ie. NO ELECTRIC WINDOWS, NO AIR CONDITIONING, NO OTHER ELECTRICAL RUBBISH?
    3. Were any Sports Specifications available? If so what did this comprise?
    4. Were 1.2 TDis available in UK?
    I would appreciate any other advise on what to look for with regard to a good absolutely basic A2!

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