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A2 anti-roll bar

petera2 Jan 23, 2006

  1. petera2

    petera2 New Member

    My A2 has always made a bit of a mild knocking noise when going over bumps but never thought much of it, just took it easy over speed bumps etc. However, now the car is 4 years old and therefore outside its warranty the noise has just become pretty severe and is brought on through pretty minor bumps in the road surface. It turns out, according to the local Audi dealer, that the front anti-roll bar has become detached from its fixings an that the ends of the bar have failed requiring complete replacement. Audi also let slip that they have had to replace a number of these on the A2. However, as it is outside the warranty they want approximately £450 to fix it.

    Has anyone else encountered this or alternatively know of any cheaper places to get it fixed in the Kent/London area.

    thanks! <font color="blue"> </font>
  2. Geckz

    Geckz New Member

    I seem to remember a similar thread about this - I will see if I can locate it.

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