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A1, No Bull - ***warning mildly erotic images*** (don't look!)

MBK Aug 8, 2013

  1. MBK

    MBK Well-Known Member

    Hello A1'ers I've briefly escaped from the secure RS3 compound to tell you the story of today. No doubt a mod will be along to shepherd me back soon enough (where is Voorhees when you need him - "It's just like a golf...") ;)

    A trip to South Hereford Audi was on the cards to help my dad collect his first Audi (you might remember him from my earlier ASN magazine on the RS3)
    RS3 what's to like? | audi-sport.net magazine

    The section I'm posting this in ought to give it away but here it is :) (note the cheeky RS3 getting in on the action in the back ground)


    I'm lucky enough to own an RS3 but my previous daily driver was a Fabia VRS with the 1.4 TFSI engine and S-tronic combination so when my dad asked me what car he should buy for the few miles they do these days, this is the car I think strikes the ideal balance. A big thank you to Tom Jaines at South Hereford Audi for his excellent service.


    The 1.4 TFSI S-tronic has plenty of power for Dad to enjoy on the occasional longer run while allowing my Mum to drive around town without ever really understanding what 185ps means!The big improvement over the Fabia VRS is the exhaust noise, the A1 makes a great sound!

    A1 and RS3 together, ooh and what is that lurking in the background?


    Oh yes, this R8 V10 Plus parked across the entrance doors looked good...want!


    So what about the erotic images? Well here are a few of the other cars at South Hereford Audi today: (Oh and if you don't find these in any way stimulating may I suggest you're on the wrong site!)



    Wavy Brakes:


    Belonging to this beast:


    But for me the star of the show had to be this:




    And although we were in Hereford there wasn't a bull in sight. I was highly impressed with the dealership, true petrol heads with a real passion for the brand and cars in general.

    We are looking forward to many years happy family motoring in the A1:

  2. Baffles

    Baffles Active Member

    Nice motor(s), thanks for sharing!
  3. Andy Crooks

    Andy Crooks Well-Known Member

    South Hereford garages were good to me when I had my car crash my repair sent it to them to get some work done on the turbo as it was throwing up a fault code as when they fitted it they fitted the spacer which isn't needed but shg sorted it all for me

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