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A1 air con not working

rob0904 Aug 26, 2017

  1. rob0904

    rob0904 Member

    Hi, I've Just bought the misses a 2012 a1 tfsi sline sportback but the air con doesn't work.

    I've ran vcds and got:

    Refrigerant pressure sensor open or short to ground.

    The code comes out as b1282 which I can find on the net.

    So I've changed the the sensor in the air con pipe, Made no difference.

    What pressure should it be reading?

    I've checked the little bit of wiring and plug I can see.

    Is a regassing the next port of call or is there fuses and/or a relay I could be checking.

    Any help would be great

  2. rob0904

    rob0904 Member

    Well checked the pressure in the system and that seems find.

    I unplugged the sensor to double check the plug but that all looked ok.

    While it was unplugged I cleared the codes. The same code came so defiantly a wiring issue.

    I've checked the fuses I can find next is try to run a fresh ground wire to see what that does.

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