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A year in numbers - running cost reality

MBK May 10, 2013

  1. MBK

    MBK Well-Known Member

    I've owned my RS3 just over a year now and as you know I like doing the odd write up about the experience with the car. I thought we'd have a look at the year in numbers this time and the running cost reality of this machine. I'll explain my reasoning for the figures below so you can see the logic behind what I'm saying.

    Running Cost Reality - £1.49 per mile based on 12,000 miles)

    Purchase Price: £40,000 (I bought at 6 months old with 400 miles on the clock, invoice price new was £53,275)
    Current Value: £28,750 (Glass's Guide Part Exchange Price)

    Depreciation: £11,250 - 94 pence per mile (ppm) and by far the biggest cost
    Fuel: £2914 (12,000 miles at 26mpg and £1.38.9 per litre average) 24 ppm
    Finance Interest: £1900 - 16ppm
    Tyres: £830 (full set of Michelin Pilot Super Sports) - 7ppm
    Insurance: £350 - 3 ppm
    Tax: £270 - 2 ppm
    Gap Insurance: £270 - 2 ppm
    Tracking subs: £110 - 1 ppm
    Servicing £0 - 2 years 'free' servicing, but see the interest charge above to realise it's anything but free!

    Total: £17904 (12,000 miles = 1.49 per mile)

    Add the AP brake upgrade at £1550 and that becomes £1.63 per mile.

    Had I bought the car from new at the full £53,75 invoice price the depreciation so far would be a massive £24,525! That would mean a cost of £2.60 or £2.74 per mile if you include the brake upgrade. Once more proving that adding options - £13,000 of options in this case - adds little when it comes to trade in time, the options add £1750 to the trade in price according to Glass's Guide.

    Has it been worth it? Yes unquestionably. Sure sometimes the RS3 still pumps black exhaust soot across my drive and the brakes used to squeal occasionally but other than that it has been faultless and more importantly massive fun! The fun comes at a price of course and I thought people might be interested in the realities of running one of these glorious machines.
  2. Ghost

    Ghost Booooooo!

    Thanks for the post MBK, interesting. :icon_thumright:
    iv added up the cost of a few cars iv owned, and like you said
    “Has it been worth it? Yes unquestionably”
    As long as you can say that, I think the car has paid you back in full
    Reminds me of a song……….

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  3. MBK

    MBK Well-Known Member

    Nice one Spooky, thank you, you understand my point completely and anyone with kids will surely love this song even more!
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  4. gilford

    gilford Member

    Interesting read, although you'd be crazy to sell it for that price, it's worth £32k easily!
  5. MBK

    MBK Well-Known Member

    You say that but there are a few 11/61 plate RS3s for sale on Audi Approved for £34K, dealers will look for £5k mark up on an RS car - that's the reality. As a private sale then yes maybe 32/33k is possible.

    A lot of the trade in value gets caught up in the next deal, you get 'more' for your trade in because they have negotiation room in the price of the car you're buying.

    I'm just giving the reality as I see it based on some realistic figures available. I only wish more real figures were available to help people before they buy.

    I will update these figures from time to time.

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