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A Variety of questions on the a3 170 tdi s-line and some tuning questions

AntB Nov 18, 2013

  1. AntB

    AntB New Member

    Hi guys,

    I'm new to the world of VAG and am after an a3 170 tdi s-line. A few questions.

    When did the facelift come in was it on an 08 reg or a 58 reg?

    With the pd170 i have found there was an injector recall, have any of the common rail engines had similar issues (i doubt it as imagine the common rail fixed the issue?)

    I've also seen intercooler pipes are a weakpoint. is it just the pipes that need to be uprated or is the intercooler a real limitation on these like other cars?

    Also limits of the standard clutch in terms of torque and power are ....? And is a Sachs kit worth it?

    Finally I'm pretty set on an rtech map for it, does the milltek dpf removal pipe have huge advantages in terms of flow and spool over a gutted standard dpf, or is it not noticable?

    Thanks in advance,


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