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A silly question regarding remap

Grale1 Oct 10, 2012

  1. Grale1

    Grale1 Active Member

    As tile says a silly question so please don't jump on my back as I'm still new to modding.

    ok so I had my car remapped a few weeks back but over the last week I've been thinking that it doesn't seem the same as when it was first done, when I first had it done it felt like it used to but you back in the seat abit, but I don't get that feeling now, do they settle down a little bit?? Or am I just used to the difference now? As I have had to use my car for the last 2 weeks as my other vehicle being an Astra van diesel is sorn at the moment, I only used to use my car on the weekends really,.

    so do you think I'm just used to it now and feel like its stock again?. I will be going stage2 early next year
  2. <tuffty/>

    <tuffty/> Badger 5 Edition...Its all about the flow... Staff Member Moderator Audi S3

    Gotten used to it I reckon... I have gone from 300hp to over 400hp and used to it already :)

  3. badger5

    badger5 www.badger5.co.uk Site Sponsor

    tuffty needs a man size turbo
    gt30's are so last year :p
  4. Prawn

    Prawn My other car is a MINI!!!!

    Yup, you get used to everything pretty quickly!

    When I had a 220bhp dailly driver my 300bhp track car didn't feel stupidly quick, obviously it was fast, but not OH MY GOD quick.

    Switching to a 115bhp company tdi focus made the track car seem like an absolute rocket ship every time I drove it!

    People adapt. sounds like it's time for a ko3S!
  5. Grale1

    Grale1 Active Member

    Yeah I got plans to do the k03s and fmic December or early jan, just need to pay off the 3.5k credit card debt picked up from my recent break up with the ex lol so couple of months of going without things for the car
  6. s3dave

    s3dave TFSI Hybrid Supporter

    you could always reset the adaptions, this sometimes does the trick esp if you have been driving like a fanny...:icon_thumright:
  7. Grale1

    Grale1 Active Member

    How easy is it to fit a new turbo on these cars (a3)? I've only ever done this on lancia delta's I've had in the past and they were on the front of the engine
  8. Jimgrim77

    Jimgrim77 Member

    Definitely get used to it.

    Just watch a passengers face...that's normally a good indication of potency.
  9. daz-20vt

    daz-20vt Well-Known Member

    to be honest you do just get used to it. my old s3 was stage 2 and i hated the power of it. felt so slow. it was a daily driver at the time. my new s3 is just stage 1 and im lucky if i drive it once a week as i use a van. a transit that i dont take over 60mph and the car feels like a rocket and has done for weeks. its definately a daily driver issue in my opinion. daz
  10. Grale1

    Grale1 Active Member

    Yeah most likely got used to it, I hate driving it to work at the moment, need to tax the van and get the windscreen changed, as my car was only used at weekends till 2 weeks ago
  11. Hammy999

    Hammy999 Member

    Agree with everyone you are probably used to it you need a holiday for a few weeks then see what it feels like when you get back. That's why I like having a couple of toys in the garage means every time I take them out puts a smile on my face!!
  12. Grale1

    Grale1 Active Member

    I usually drive a van being a painter/decorator so the car normally only get used on weekends, but I'm put in a position at this moment in time that I've just split with my girlfriend which Has left me with 3.5k credit card debt, and my van needs a new windscreen and be taxed, for a couple of months I have to be sensible, I need to put my van on the road ASAP
  13. Buzzer

    Buzzer Member

    It could also mean that thd extra boost has highlighted a week hose etc and you could have a leak.
    I got mine remapped a few months ago, and I also have got used to thd extra power.
    I test drove another unmapped s3 from a local garage to make myself feel better!
  14. Grale1

    Grale1 Active Member

    Just picking this thread back up as I do feel like my car isn't as quick as when it go remapped, I understand that since it got done that I've got used to it, but it doesn't give me the same kick as it used to what I'm mean by kick is that it felt like put your foot down revs climbing then bang boost and feel that little kick. Now It's still on the k03 and last night went out in my mate a3 she has aum k03s which is around 200hp but her felt so much quicker and stronger ( more aggressive ) pulling, she has an amd map and mine is r-tech map?
    we did scan mine a few weeks back with her vcds lite and did come up with intermittent MAF signal or something of the sort, can't remember the code but will scan again to get the coded and google that, but could it be that I need a new MAF?

    thanks simon
  15. s33nyboy12

    s33nyboy12 Well-Known Member Team Ibis Team V8 Audi R8 s tronic

    A lazy maf or foooooked maf can make a very noticeable difference to performance.

  16. Ben S3 8P3

    Ben S3 8P3 Member

    haha I agree with this. Im a bit bored of the standard 261bhp now and remapping soon, but everyone who gets in still pulls a face like 'JESUS'
  17. Grale1

    Grale1 Active Member

    Ok thanks, I will try my friends maf on mine as hers is only a couple of month old as she bought a new maf, and see if mine runs better, or it'll be that I'll have to find someone to data log for me or smoke test for leaks??

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