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A quick question on N75??? Valve

simondavidr Apr 8, 2004

  1. simondavidr

    simondavidr Member

    Well confused what is this NJ75 or N75 valve people keep chatting about?? What does it do and does it benefit from being replaced??
  2. Gambba

    Gambba Active Member

    I think you should really doa search and read Ess_Three's post, before going through the whole thing again.

    And if you're still confused I'll be happy to give you the answers.


    P.S. The short and curlies of it, is that it's an electronic valve which controls the boost pressure of the turbo.
  3. manueltrigo

    manueltrigo New Member

    Go to the link of Gambba..... and check last post /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif
  4. nradfo01

    nradfo01 New Member


    OK guys, I've read the link, read as much as I can find and there are a number of varying results from this from top increases to some talk of decreases in power/torque.

    I have a Revo upgrade and am looking to use the N75J myself but I do have a concern over the engine running lean with this upgrade. How do I compensate for this? Is it a case of amending my Revo config for + or- timing (I run the Standard Revo Low Boost setting of 9 and timing a little modified at 6 for 97 octane) or is it a custom map thats required ?

    There is lots written about this but much of it is by people with A3 1.8T's or VW Golf 1.8T's which appear to be more favourable to the N75J than an S3. Is there any evidence to clarify this or to point at which version of the S3 engine are or aren't as responsive and whether its best suited to a chipped or standard car ?


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