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A Nice Little Earner

I'mRonBurgundy? Jul 30, 2008

  1. I'mRonBurgundy?

    I'mRonBurgundy? Lets make that kitten purr...

    Would love to install a set of RobinA3's footwell, door and puddle lights but am a complete eejit when it comes to anything electrical. So I'm a tad reluctant to take this on myself you understand (even with his excellent guides).

    Anyone in or around the south-east (with vag-com) fancy earning a few extra beer tokens? PM me if interested.
  2. EAGLE79

    EAGLE79 Member

    I would help ya mate but i'm in liverpool for a while now. Used to live in Kent and go down quite abit normally!

    I have VAG-COM but don't have a lead! Which probably isn't much use! LOL

    Tryin to think of anyone i know around that could help ya! :think:

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