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A nice change Imola yellow S3

dipstic Feb 3, 2007

  1. dipstic

    dipstic Member

    Thought about changing my 06 2.0T quattro Sline and Portsmouth Audi have a new demo and to my pleasant surprise it was yellow (colour I would choose and virtually the same spec)
    So off I go to test drive it and although I am pleased with my present car (havent had it long) it seems to do everything well it lacks the "fun" aspect after coming from a lowered uprated 230 bhp cooper S the Audi is much more refined but dare I say a bit slow and boring if I really want to play.
    So to the test drive of the S3 and to be fair it was only a short drive but it certainly ticks the correct boxes that my present car doesnt.
    1)Goes a lot better right through the rev range
    2) Suspension is firm and steering is more direct (my present Quattro Sline seems to wallow around corners)
    But apart from that its not to much different from my present car the colour looks great (it had standard Sline wheels which I thought strange)

    So the maths £18000 for my present car (10300 miles) (cost me £20450 3months ago)
    £31,180 for the S3 (3 months wait)
    Is it £13,000 better? maybe? but how often will I be able to make use of the extra performance/roadholding perhaps a bit more street cred with the S3 (but Im a fat, bald , old, fart need more than a car for that lol)
    So for me at the moment the answer will be no, think I will look at a chip and suspension upgrade for my present car and perhaps in a years time I might think again if I can get one for about £25000 (ex demo or one year old)
    But it did look nice and went well :drool:
  2. mark88

    mark88 Member

    £13000, similar to what I would have had to pay is just way way too much. Has anybody gone from an 8P A3 to an 8P S3?

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