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A mix more Soulful

K-Dash Jan 27, 2009

  1. K-Dash

    K-Dash Member

    Sorry to jack the boards,

    but heres another live set, with a more soulful R&B feel.


    1.) Nelly Furtado - Acapella
    2.) Tonya Renee - Fallin' (Reelsoul Remix)
    3.) Jully Black - Until I Stay (Alix Alvarez Remix)
    4.) EL - Knockin' (Reelsoul Remix)
    5.) Tonya Renee - About You (Tony Loreto & Mario Pagliari Mix)
    6.) Jennifer Hudson - Spotlight (Quentin Harris Mix)
    7.) Syren - My First Love (Reelsoul Remix)

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