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a long time coming

jay22s3 Jul 27, 2014

  1. jay22s3

    jay22s3 2nd gear sorts em out

    after nearly two months i hopefully will be getting my car back this week , it spat ring on the way back from Birmingham and recalculated it threw the turbo f..king both turbo and engine , there's some dodgy folk around as my S3 had an audi A4 engine it which i didn't when i bought it 4 years ago know as I'm no wizard on engine's so the 150 bhp engine couldn't stand up to the ko4 and it being remapped and eventually gave up , its been a long slog without the car but I'm feeling a bit apprehensive of it coming back . put a proper apy s3 engine in it with 80,000 on it and a fully refurbed turbo most people would have just sold the car for parts but the car means a lot to me so couldn't just let it go , its not the best s3 out there but its my baby and looking forward to her coming home.
  2. daz-20vt

    daz-20vt Well-Known Member

    Jeez thats not good man. Glad your positive about the whole thing though id have spat my dummy big time.
    Good luck when you get it back!!
  3. Greg-S3

    Greg-S3 Active Member

    Mate it'll be fine! Have you had the car mapped back to standard or left the map on? I'd be tempted to map it back to standard for awhile

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