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A little help with alloy wheels from those with experience please..

JonBoi25 Mar 8, 2013

  1. JonBoi25

    JonBoi25 Member

    Ey up!,

    Ive been looking at changingmy alloy wheels for a while now, i just dont like the gap in the arch !.
    Ive been thinking through lots of ideas but just want to clear up a few things;

    I want my alloys to be flush with the bumper and not for there to be an overhang, I have standard s3 17" 6 spokes at the moment and although I would like to put some 18's on i cant afford it at the moment.

    - Will 17's still look smart with a coilover kit? ( are spacers needed for them to sit nicely?)

    - If I upgrade to 18's what offset will i need ? ( are spacers still needed ?)

    Some pictures with comments to what set up you have would be much appreciated :)

    Thanks in advance, Jon
  2. JonBoi25

    JonBoi25 Member

    anyone :)
  3. voorhees

    voorhees Moderator Staff Member Moderator Team V8 Audi S5 s tronic

  4. s33nyboy12

    s33nyboy12 Well-Known Member Team Ibis Team V8 Audi R8 s tronic

    Search the wheels thread in our forum, or the pictures stickie......... Loads in there with descriptions, just about every combination you could want.

    i have seen 20mm hub centric spacers on rear 10mm hub centric spacers on front with 17" standard ronals and kw weitec v3 coilovers half slammed that looked really good and filled the arches, made for a stiffer ride ect. I liked that setup , was on an s3 in Lincoln in the week I went to look at.


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