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A little help needed

Shez May 8, 2009

  1. Shez

    Shez Sheridan Audi Cabriolet Owner Group S-line owners group


    Found a rubber grommet in the road in front of our drive tonight, it has the VW Audi mark on the inside so I'm assuming it is off one of our cars. The number inside the grommet is 191 837 865 could someone help me out and look this up on a parts Cd and tell me where it is from. It could be from either an A3 sportback 19tdi on a 57 plate or a A4 cabriolet 2.0t on a 58 plate. Your help would be much appreciated, I'm going to post this on the A3 side of things to.

    Cheers once again.

  2. acprc

    acprc Member


    Having looked on my copy I haven't been able to find that part number in a diagram. It is listed as a Cover, Cap and the part number sequence would suggest the doors. Have a look around the doors on both cars.

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