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A Glaze - Anyone had it done.

Psyman79 Dec 11, 2013

  1. Psyman79

    Psyman79 Sarcasm is hard on a forum ;) Team Vegas Yellow Audi S3

    I was looking at getting my car done properly to protect the paintwork for the next 3 years. I know absolutely nothing about detailing so was looking to get a local company to do it. I went to The Washbay in Cove, Aberdeen today and he suggested getting my car done with A Glaze (product name). I was just wondering if anyone had ever had their car done with this product and if they thought it was worth paying £250 to get it done. I never got my car Supaguarded when i bought it which is why i'm looking. Thanks in advance for any words of advice. Simon :)
  2. RobbieWebs

    RobbieWebs Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Really depends on ur plans for the car m8.
    A glaze, l shine, supaguard to me are for folk that don't want any hassle, have the time and just want to give it a quick clean to bring it up looking nice. ( Correct me if I'm wrong)
    Personally I enjoy amateur detailing the car and the results are enough to keep me trying.
    Good decomtamination, prepping and 2 coats of wax ( sealant if u want to go down that route) protect the car enough for me.
    Plus something as simple as after every wash wipe on and off quick detailer to add a bit more protection works well.
    Plenty of polished bliss guides in stickies to give u all the info u need :)
  3. scotty76

    scotty76 Well-Known Member Team Phantom Audi S4

    I couldn't find much on A Glaze. A few mentions but not a lot and nothing better than a luke warm review.I doubt anything will last 3 years even if they claim it will. Supaguard most certainly won't, it was all gone from my neighbour's brand new car in 6 months. Something like CQuartz Finest will last well. I'd try and find a local detailer and have a chat with them. Get them to give you a head start and then just keep on top of it. Polished Bliss are local to you but their reputation means they are expensive. I did find this: Need a detailer in Aberdeen - Detailing World
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  4. Brodster

    Brodster Well-Known Member TeamMisano Team V8 Audi RS4 Audi Avant Owner Group s tronic

    If you dont mind travelling have a wee trip over to Al @ AMDetails in Elgin. Great service and has his own brand but as also an approved Gtechniq user.
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  5. manor13

    manor13 Active Member

    not heard of it either things like supagaurd are ok if you pay a decent price £40-50 if applied by a dealer and is actually done correctly that's me being generous to the dealer as they will have paid 1/4 off that to buy the stuff. slightly more for AG lifeshine as again if applied correctly will last you through winter and is easily topped up for £250 your in detailing territory and depends who you go to winters a bad time so you want to be inside for fancy sealants to bond.

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