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A few questions for S5 owners please

monster_munch Apr 20, 2012

  1. monster_munch

    monster_munch Member

    I currently drive an A3 2.0 TDI. I am considering purchasing a used S5, and after watching some youtube clips of S5's with Milltek exhaust fitted, Im in the final stages of considering a purchase!
    So, Im looking for some more info and honest answers please.
    What is the average kind of mpg you get with an S5? Im not a very sporty driver at all, but I do like a bit of power occasionally, and I drive about 10k miles a year.
    Also, what is the annual road tax for an S5??
    Is the S5 subject to any special servicing needs, or does it follow the regular 10k miles/12 month servicing schedule?
    Finally, is there any other relevant info that you think I should know before purchasing? Any extras I should look at the possible car having fitted?
    Thankyou very much in advance.
  2. audicruiser

    audicruiser Audi Heaven

    I don't own one but have had one as a loan car. Tax for the V8 models is £475 a year, and for the V6T models £270 a year.

    Real world mpg is between 18 - 25 mpg for the V8. Bit of a difference to a 50+ mpg A3 TDi!

    As much I loved the noise of it, the running cost are high and I only do 5k miles a year so if your doing 10k miles a year then I would think seriously before making a purchase as the noise costs a lot!!
  3. Scuffers

    Scuffers New Member

    got a V8 one, and yes, ~25Mpg is about it, but hell, who cares?

    service wise, it's on variable schedule, currently saying 17K to next inspection/service.

    Avoid poverty spec ones, even though they are 'S' cars, the spec as base was less than stellar
  4. S5Gordo

    S5Gordo New Member

    Got V6T - not been above 32 on a run, real-world driving 26-28 but the noise - especially when in S-mode on the gearbox with the popping on change-up, the blipping on change down and the little valve that reduces silencing - is worth every ml of petrol!!

    Changed a 3.0TDI (on paper not a whole heap slower) for it, and no regrets at all!!

    I have heard a 3.0TDI A5 with Milltek exhaust that sounded pretty bloody special too mind you if economy matters?!
  5. S5Gordo

    S5Gordo New Member


    Apparently the economy gets better after the first 1000 miles or so, and as I've only done 800 so far, I'm prob not quite yet getting the best out of it yet…
  6. cjamesenorf

    cjamesenorf New Member

    I've got Miltec resonated and it is beautiful. Everyone gives positive comments on it. It is the best thing that has happened to me lol but I'm 23...
    The best mpg when trying I use to get 28mpg and after Revo remap 32mpg, usual average is 25 but town driving is 16 so varies quite a lot.

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