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A few questions about exterior body parts for 8P3 Sportback

Undercrwn Nov 30, 2012

  1. Undercrwn

    Undercrwn New Member

    Hey there gents,

    I have a few questions about some exterior body parts. First off my car is a 2.0TFSI 8P3 Sportback (5dr) Base (Non S-Line). It is US-Spec so we don't have those choices of SE, sport or anything. Only Base and S-Line for exterior facia.

    -I want to get the votex sides, are they the same for 3 and 5 door?

    -I have the standard rear bumper with the rounded bottom and matte black/plastic looking bottom piece. What options do I have to enhance the rear? Is the S-Line different than the S3? Would I have to source an entire new rear bumper or are there rear valences that I can attach?

    -Is the S-Line/S3 rear spoiler the same one? Are they different for 3dr and 5dr? Do i need to source a 3rd brakelamp as well or will the standard one fit?

    I already enjoy the front bumper look, I'll keep the original one and would like to make the sides and rear look a little more aggressive to match the front. The rear is very boring and the sides are too high in my opinion.

    If you can provide part numbers as well that would be fantastic!

  2. A3Kent

    A3Kent Well-Known Member Team Daytona Audi A3 S-line owners group TDi

    Probably be a good idea to get some pics up of your car mate so we can see what's what.:sm4:
  3. Arjuanamo

    Arjuanamo 4300K

    Ive got a 2011 Black edition and am building my parts up for my conversion,the only thing i need are side skirts.I was considering getting the votex ones but they have some sections cut in the middle so it ruins the look for me,i much prefer the S3 side skirts and if you are gonna change the sides,id recommend you go for them.they will be different for the 3 door as they will be shorter obviously ,works out cheaper for the 3 door too.


    I believe you can change the diffuser on your current bumper to the s line one ,you can get them for around £100 on ebay.but if you want your bumper to look more meaner i would say go for the S3 one as it looks much better.The s3 diffuser is different so you would need a s3 bumper for that.

    There should be a list of part numbers on the sticky threads

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