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A few problems with the A4

mattypgolf Sep 28, 2010

  1. mattypgolf

    mattypgolf Matty A4 TDi Sport

    Heyy Guys,

    Hope i can get some answers!

    Umm first of all!! Problem with boost/ turbo!! Not sure!

    Had a new turbo fitted a few weeks ago, then last week on a long journey the turbo cut out compleatly! it sorted itself out after i pulled over to see if i had a leak(blown hose ect) couldnt see anything, ever since then the turbo has been building boost then looseing it, then jumping back up! !! surging !! dont think its a leak cos full boost is a different PSI on each journey! sometime it will boost to max 24psi and others only 18psi, where as on old turbo it would max at 30 psi the then drop to a constant of 24 psi!

    Also since this problem ive noticed more exhaust gas then normal, car is due a service in 2 months or so! or could this be liked to my other problem!

    any help would be great

    Thanks Matt

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