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A few problems that need solving.

DazA4Cab Jun 17, 2010

  1. DazA4Cab

    DazA4Cab New Member

    Hi everyone, :salute:

    I have recently bought a B6 3.0 sport cabriolet and absolutly love it it! It's such a smooth car to drive I feel I need to apply for my pilots licence......however......when buying it and doing the basic checks a couple of minor things became apparent and since buying it a couple of hopefully not massively major things have come to light too.

    I have spent a few hours on this cool site and feel this is the place to be to try and resolve my problems so I can get it back into tip top condidtion.

    Ok first and probably the biggest issue is.....the clutch! on the two test drives I had she was as smooth as a babys bum and the same with the second, however after 3 days of ownership I started to feel a kind of slip in the box, now I should point out it's a multitronic auto box, also I am getting a sort of change up change down effect when pulling away. It feels like its not in first gear but as soon as I pull off it gives a jolt then appears to drop a gear. Had a look around and the ECM is a possibility but any ideas before the old hand starts digging into my pocket would be great.

    Next, again hopefully not a mega bucks job, is when I took it on the motorway for the first time, on reaching around 80mph I felt a bit of a judder in the steering and it could also be felt in the pedal, I was thinking tracking or balancing. Again ideas would be nice.

    Now a problem I was aware of is the airbag light on the dash, this comes on every now and again. Not when first starting to drive it but after a time of driving around, I'm hoping a trip to a local VAGCom will assit on this one, anyone South London way have or know of a decent VAGCom place?

    Next fiddly thing is the passenger side electric window switch is inoperable, window works fine from the drivers side control but nothing when passenger side pressed.

    Once I get the above sorted then I'm sure this car is going to get some additions and maybe a remap but I realise I need to spend some money on it and this car has always been a dream to own so I really dont mind, bit dissapointing about the clutch scenario but hey thats the chance you take when buying a second hand car :wacko:

    Anyway thanks for taking time to read this and thanks in advance for any comments and ideas.


  2. AudiiduA

    AudiiduA Member

    Change gearbox oil usually sorts most things! £150 ish
  3. simon.m

    simon.m Active Member

    changing the gearbox oil would not hurt but would not stop the cluch from sliping if it is sliping
  4. mja4cab

    mja4cab Member

    Not to sure on the other two but you will probably need a new window switch,happened to me on the drivers one!
    Happy motoring!:thumbsup::yes:
  5. DGT

    DGT New Member

    window switch could be cracked wires in the loom that runs through a rubber boot between the door hinges. both sides on my 02 b6 needed repairing, due to faulty windows and door speakers

  6. DazA4Cab

    DazA4Cab New Member

    Thanks for the replies guys, sorry I took a while in responding....Car is in garage as we speak having a new 7 point clutch, had quotes varying from £1100+ VAT to £2000+ VAT.

    Now both my key fobs have stopped working and the display has gone French! oh the joy!!

    How unlucky can one car be?? Funny thing is tho I still think the cars amazing tho :D

    Will let you know when summit else gets fixed :)
  7. CHRIS555

    CHRIS555 DOPE with added OCD

    The judderng possibly could be a wheel weight / balancing - nothing major, just a simple visit to Kwik Fits or somewhere similar.

    In respect of the airbag, possibly just a loose connection, my fiancess cars bag'light comes on occasionally and it turned out to be some wiring being a little loose under her seat, and with the convertibles you'll be moving your seat forwards and backwards everytime you have rear passengers so this is another possibilty.

    But, putting that aside, your car looks great!

    Best wishes

  8. murran

    murran Well-Known Member

    airbag wise if it comes up with pass or drivers side, side airbag - high resistance on vagcom. its refering to the airbags in the seat backs. under the seat is a yellow plug mounted in a clippy thing unplug this and look at the terminals. get a pin or similar to bend the female side or the plug together a bit to tighten up the connection on the male pin side.

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