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A few littlee issues,

S3-Oski Dec 28, 2008

  1. S3-Oski

    S3-Oski Member

    Hi all hope you had a good crimbo,

    i have a few issues with my car still,

    the first one is im still getting the over rev between gear changes its not always but sometimes, its def not the clutch slipping, i had the clutch switch checked it was not flagging up but im going to change it anyway in the next week or so,

    i recently changed the dump valve as mine was getting really loads of chatter, when i changed it i noticed the old one was broke and i noticed so much difference so much more responsive and the over revs disapered for a few days but are back now?

    Iam maybe thinking i have a boost leak some where? could this cause it?

    My second issue which to me is just as annoying is my two front speakers, distort low down in the volume some days they seem ok other days sound terrible, do you think i need new ones i read something about check the amp? would i be best to take it to an audio specialist? or is there any easy checks i can make? Sorry for the questions but i am new to it all, thanks again Oski

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