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A few little niggles

just017 May 17, 2009

  1. just017

    just017 Member

    Since i bought my car i've had a few little niggles which i want fixed. Not sure how hard they will be but hopefully you guys can help.

    1. The drivers door sensor doesn't display when the door is open. A friend of mine had a quick look and wiggled about with the rubber part that joins the door to the car and it displayed as open, but we then couldn't get it workin as soon as the door has been shut and re-opened. How can i get acces from the start of the wiring to the end to make sure there is no loose connection?

    2. On the drivers door, i have the 2 buttons for the towing sensor, but when i press them neither of them do anything, are the LEDs meant to light up when pressed or anything?

    3. The tailgate/boot shuts fine, but the DIS says the boot is open when its not, again my friend had a look, and when i shut the boot alot harder than you should it says it is shut properly. It seems that the bottom half of the lock (the part that is not actually on the tailgate is about 2mm too low and the top clip isnt quite catching it properly. Can the bottom half of the lock be altered in height if you know what i mean?

    4. I'm going to buy the diagnostics cable off eBay, but there seems too be lots of different names of cable etc. Which cable do i need to do simple stuff with vag-com and some re-coding?

    Thanks for all your time and help guys and girls
  2. vw754

    vw754 vorsprung Durch Technik

    hi,vag cables off e-bay Do work but not on the a3 2004 onwards (8p) as they have can-bus wiring,unless you got the proper version of vag-com and not 409 etc,secondly the wires in between the door and pillar on drivers side can sometimes split,pull back the rubber and check the wires there,do it properly or u will miss them,its quite hard to spot if you just have a quick look,check one by one.
  3. kaz219

    kaz219 Active Member

    1)Jut change the rubber sensor if wires look ok - probs faulty

    2) unsure but if you press them then alarm the car, thats when it will work.

    3) unsure - need to pull the boot cover of and take a look if you can tighten i

    4) vagcom ebay cables dont work. buy a proper one or argos sell diagnostic kit to read fault codes and clear them pretty cheap! There's a member who sells them but its against the forum rules and breaking the law as the cables are counterfeit and cracked software...
  4. Tommy

    Tommy Makinen...ha

    Ive had a look on ebay in the past, and i cant find a cable that is suitable for my car (04 plate)!

  5. 10blazin


    The 2 buttons on mine are not lit when i press one it lights up.... One is to turn of the towing sensor in case you need a repair ,The other one is so you could lock the doors so your baby can stay in the car without setting the alarm off...
    To see if there working get your mate to sit in the car lock the door and start moving around the alarm should go off ,then press the button not the tow one the other one get your mate to sit in the car press the button and lock the car when he starts moving if the alarm still goes off its broke ,And more than likelly the other one is to ,, Just letting you know how to test it to fix it i haven't a clue someone on here will though
  6. aythree

    aythree Guest


    Argos sell diagnostic kits??? Do they?? How much? Can you link to it please...
  7. just017

    just017 Member

    Is the door sensor the round looking rubber cap? I'll have a look tomorrow and see what the cables are like, but i think there all taped up into one thicker cable.

    I'll give that a look tomorrow

    Yeah i had a look today but cant see an easy way to get access to the boot locks, main lock and the lower part which it locks onto.

    Oright, could you link me to his profile:p
  8. just017

    just017 Member

    Hi guys.

    Fix my boot lock by adjusting the lower half as said, so thanks for the help there.

    Secondly, does anyone know which of the cables that is in the rubber plug on the drivers door belongs to the door sensor?

    There is about 7 cables and i cant see any splits in them.


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