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A few issues with my PD130

Danielb3 Feb 16, 2014

  1. Danielb3

    Danielb3 New Member

    I've just bought a PD130 with 240K miles on it. It pulls like a train and has loads of power but it has a few issues.


    The idle is very rough when it wants to be.. some times it is very rough and shakes the whole car but others it just vibrates. After scanning with VCDS i found a few faults regarding the temperature sensor. I replaced this with a cheap after market one, the temperature now rises fine on VCDS, not on the dash but that's because my temperature gauge doesn't work. After replacing the sensor it seems to have made the idle smoother although this may be in my head lol.
    I have warmed the car up and then logged the idle regulation (group 13) and the "Torsion Value" (group 4). I torsion value should remain stable but it swings from -3 to -1 and the injected quantities are very different.
    1380034_10203142778758783_1963660352_n.jpg 1620913_10203142779558803_1056845329_n.jpg

    It had a lot of noise at idle when I bought it, most of the noise went away after I topped the gear oil up (it took 600ml). I'm presuming that damage will have been done by the previous owner not keeping an eye on it. If I accelerate hard through 1st it doesn't want to go into 2nd. I have to let the revs drop before it will pop into 2nd and the gearbox is overall quite "notchy".

    I just wondered if anyone could suggest anything.
  2. Tooks

    Tooks Active Member

    It's always worth checking the PD wiring loom on these, especially at that age and mileage.

    I had misfires and lumpy idle on my old PD130 quattro, and the loom sorted that. It was about £50 from the dealer if memory serves.

    The injectors at 240k are probably past their best too though, as suggested by your VCDS log?

    Re the gearbox, they shouldn't need keeping an eye on, if the oil was low then either it has leaked out or a previous owner has changed the oil incorrectly.

    If it's notchy and hard to change gear, then that's not a good sign. There are a few in the breakers yard though for not much cash, or just live with it? Having said that, my old PD130 wouldn't be rushed first to second gear either, so maybe it's a 'characteristic'?!

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