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A Few Issues Please Help !

a3james Jul 2, 2012

  1. a3james

    a3james Member

    ive got a 2005 Audi A3 2.0TDI
    Basiclly i have been having a few issues
    1 being the rear wiper motor has stopped working does not look to be the leaking washer jet as ive seen on some threads as there is no sign of any water inside the motor as it looks brand new in there. there must be a internal electrical fault as ive got three lives to the connector plug.

    2 is the REAR RIGHT FOG LAMP basically ive got no power to the bulb holder what so ever ive checked further back behind the connector plug and theres no power there either and by the rubber grommet there the loom goes through the chassis.

    3 recently the rear brake left bulb has came up on the dash it only seems to come on when im in traffic or holding the brake on for a few seconds. but the brake light still works ??

    If anyone could help me it would be great
    Thanks alot
  2. t0ph0id

    t0ph0id Member

    My rear wiper also isn't working, no water leak at all. Trying to replace it at the moment. Cheapest place I found was eurocarparts with a 25% forum discount. Drop me a PM if you want the details. Works out at about £70 for an OEM one after you've returned your faulty one back to them.

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