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A few easy questions if I may?

Blackadder Dec 3, 2007

  1. Blackadder

    Blackadder Member

    Hi guys,

    1)Looking to fit a Blaupunkt Nashville 35 DAB stereo into my A4 Tdi B6 2001 car, it will replace the single din concert stereo. How easy is it to replace the existing stereo on an Audi A4 and can you get it to show tracks and stations on the console which has the DIS display? Done a few cars before but are there any instructions anywhere on the web? What do people think of this stereo? Where is the best place to fit the window DAB aerial?

    2) Don't know if anyone else's car suffers from this but my last Audi did too and that's having to replace hydraullic fluid for the Power Steering. Can anyone tell me what the best stuff to use for my motor is? I seem to remember G2000 or something that I purchased online but I wondered if any transmission fluid or a like would do?


    Black !!

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