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a couple of things!

audi ben Jan 23, 2007

  1. audi ben

    audi ben They call him the police version of the stig

    first of all thank you to the peaople about clearing the drainage section! it was clogged badly so all clear now and working fine!!!

    second I need to do an engine flush on the audi how easy is it????? and is there anything i should be aware of?

    third - i need some brake discs for my 2.8 v6 a4 B5 anyone know anywhere cheap?

    forth - trying to find some cheap floor mats for my one in charcol grey butbugger me no one does any! any ideas?

    and thirdly how much would a audi a4 2.8 se with 88k on the clock go for?

    :blackrs4: :undwech:
  2. jcb

    jcb Active Member

    2) coolany or oil? why do you want to flush. what milegae you on, you can open up a can of worms flushing older cars as you flush big chunks of crud off the walls and the have to stop somewhere, water pump, oil pump, oil cooler.....think DVT.
    As far as how easy it is, open appropriate cap, pour in flush, run engine, dump (responsibly!) refill.
    try persil on your coolant system for a good clean (not joking)

    3)four rings spares, VAG spares, choose a decent brand and shop around
    4) there is a custom mat company that was advertised in PVW or Audi driver or one of those mags, not silly prices either

    5)have a look on www.autotrader.co.uk
  3. Biglockie

    Biglockie Aye you know it makes sense


    do ya just put it in then flush it??


  4. Caesium

    Caesium My BM is fixed! VCDS Map User

    Having a city and guilds in motor vehicle repair, even though it was attained over 10 years ago, I would never put washing machine detergent in an engine.

    For a start it foams up and different chemicals have differing creep properties, so if you put in an alien fluid that has an advanced creep property then it may seep into somewhere it shouldn't be, like an oil gallery.
    And how do you think persil will react to coolant when you add it? I wouldn't like to guess.

    Try using a product designed for the purpose intended...[​IMG]

    Try that

    or maybe try ariel...:tocktock:
  5. audi ben

    audi ben They call him the police version of the stig

    cheers peeps! the flush is because i have been doing too many short runs! it really needs it it has only done 89k

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