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A chilly new A6

Parson Jul 30, 2003

  1. Parson

    Parson New Member

    Hi - I'm relatively new to the site, and the new owner of a 2.7T "family car". Am also an engineer,
    and past open class rally participant, ..... and have been lead to the inescapable conclusion that too
    much horsepower (torque) is never enough, ....even for a "family car". ......As such does anyone
    have any experience in chipping the 2.7, ....good, bad, or otherwise.
    Also, I live in the chilly north, and my dealer refuses to install a block heater in the car, ....cold starts
    at -40 may not be wise (or possible!!). Any experience with block heaters for Audis? Any comments
    much appreciated. You may ask how far north do you have to be to find -40, .....but that's another
    topic, ......albeit a chilly one.
    My A6 is great, and I'll get to play AWD on the ice for 7mo a year.
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  2. plampine

    plampine New Member

    I have a block heater installed in my A6, but since I only got the car 3 months ago, I don't have any experience in its workings so far. I'll let you know once I get the chance to try it out (it's been around +30 C in Finland for the last three weeks so it might take a while /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shocked.gif).

    Oh, I had one in my A3 and it worked just fine. I don't understand why your dealer would be so reluctant to install one, especially if it gets that cold where you live.
  3. Ferran

    Ferran New Member

    Can't help with the block heater

    Do have an A6 2.7T avant though with:-

    MTM chip
    K04 conversion
    Miltek exhaust
    Koni shocks
    18 inch OZ wheels
    Movit front brakes
    RS6 rear breaks
    upgraded intake hoses.
    upgraded dump valves

    Word of warning though if you upgrade the chip be aware that there could be a turbo issue to deal with - I got 20K mile from the original K03 turbos before they failed - manufactures warrantee does not cover this - £5-6K.

    Bit like placing a bet - don't if you can't afford to lose.

    Great car though - lost of space and grunt - very reliable apart from the turbo issue - got 65k miles on now .

  4. plampine

    plampine New Member

    Mine is and all the previous ones have been real block heaters. I hadn't even heard about any oil pan contraptions before. I can see how those might cause problems but a regular block heater should work just fine.

    Audi of Canada seems to have taken the stupid route, if the fires were caused by oil pan heaters, shouldn't they just ban those? Oh well, it's not my place to say how they should conduct their business, but knowing how damned cold it can get in Canada, I truly feel sorry for you.

    Couldn't you maybe get one installed in a regular auto mechanic? You just have to somehow get a hold of a block heating unit for your engine model and then I'm sure it's not such a big deal to install one. I don't like to deal with other than the official autoshops either, but if you don't have any other choice, that might be the way to go.

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