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A charity worker...

nivagh Apr 29, 2007

  1. nivagh

    nivagh Member

    ...calls up one of London's top lawyers to ask for a donation.

    The lawyer replies that he doesn't want to give any money, and as the charity worker starts to berate him, he interrupts him, saying

    "Don't you know that I've got an adult daughter with a mental age of 7 who has to live in a hostel, and two geriatric parents who require round - the - clock nursing and palliative care?"

    The charity worker, of course, apologises for his gaffe. The lawyer replies:

    "Well now you know. And if I don't give money to them, what the hell makes you think I'll give money to YOU?!"

  2. bravepilot

    bravepilot Member

    ha ha! Very good!

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