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a/c problems - 2001 a3 sport

Big_Al_A3 Jun 10, 2008

  1. Big_Al_A3

    Big_Al_A3 1st Gear 1st Audi \o/

    Hi Folks,
    I've had some issues with the air con / climate control system in my a3. The main symptom is that when its set to low or a cooler than ambient temperature there is no cold air and theres no click sound from the clutch when it's activated.
    I've had an air con specialist look at it which first of all meant regassing the whole system but the compressor wasn't running.
    We disconnected the power to the compressor and plugged it into a volt meter - interestingly when the a/c was off or on (turning off either by pressing Off / econ / setting a high temp) there was always 9v registering on the volt meter. I expected to only see the volts register when the a/c is on.
    Firstly is this normal behaviour? If it was that there was only a voltage showing when the a/c was turned on then I would happily point the finger at the compressor but if this isn't the normal what's the next logacal step for me to go through so I can enjoy nice cool air once again.
  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Not much of an A/C specialist if he can't tell whether the compressor is working or not!
    I thought the most common problem was the clutch failing on the compressor.
  3. rickquattro

    rickquattro Member

    Similar problem for me. Ended up buying a new compressor from Cheltenham Radiators. Got a new pump, delivered quickly at a reasonable price... google or 0800 043 0014


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