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  1. ex_scoobydoo

    ex_scoobydoo Member

    hi guys
    first off id like to say hello
    nice to be here :)

    im looking for some advice,
    i have decided its time to sell my Subaru STi
    i have small children with ages 6 month to 6 year.
    the subaru is not practicle for the family now.
    after weeks of trying to decide what car i would go for once the subaru is sold i finally decided on audi, pref a A3/S3
    the more a look at them the more i like them,
    i have never owned an audio before so i need some sound advice on buying.
    i have a budget of between 4000 and 5500
    i first strated looking at the A3 TDi Sport,
    then came across the S3 :faint:
    reallly really nice car
    i love everything about them, and they also come with the power.
    my dilema is i would prefer a A3 TDi 5 door for the kids , it will make life easy with the baby seats etc.
    but the A3 doesnt seem to have to power or the class interior of the S3
    what can the A3 TDi be tuned up to ? and what cost would i be looking at,
    can you get around the 200 bhp mark or more at not to much expense.
    when i say not much i mean like into the 1000's
    i know an avg remap is around 500 same for the subaru world,
    but can the tdi achieve anywere near 200bhp with just a remap?

    my life would be a whole lot easyer if i could pick up a S3 5door for my budget lol, but from what i have read up to now mk1 s3 didnt have a 5 door model correct?

    now onto the the S3
    if i was to go for a S3 what are the running costs like fuel parts etc etc
    do you think thier would be a lot of difference between these and a subaru, i dont need to take insurance into consideration as i run a trade policy so things arnt to bad.

    anyway i think this is enough for my first post lol,
    but seriously any advice would be gratefully accepted,
    im starting to get frustraited now trying to decide on models,
    you guys imo are the best to advice me,
    thanks again.
  2. Broken Byzan

    Broken Byzan Photographic Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User quattro Audi A4

    Welcome to the site. If you are looking for advice on the Mk1 S3/A3 visit the 8L section and if you want advice on the later model, stick yourself into the 8P section. They are all very accomodating.

    The diesels can be mapped quite well, all depends on the model you start with in the first place. Assuming 8P 2.0TDi 140, i am sure that maps to a shade under 200 bhp will a sqwillion torques
  3. ex_scoobydoo

    ex_scoobydoo Member

    it gets a bit confusing :uhm: with all the models.

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