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99 s3 wheel alignment issues

Skinwiz Aug 26, 2013

  1. Skinwiz

    Skinwiz New Member

    Hi , can anyone recommend a decent wheel alignment specialist in the northwest ? I've spent loads getting the car spot on , all bushes new head , the works basically , but no one seems to be able to sort the tracking/alignment out . It's too low is the usual excuse , or can't get it on ramp etc . I've got the cash , you'd think in this climate people would be ripping my arm off for the work but I'm fed up of paying top dollar and getting nowhere fast lol . Any help is appreciated .
  2. Platty

    Platty New Member

    I had the same issue with my MINI. I ended up finding a company with a Hunter alignment machine who had no problems with the height issues I was having. No good to you where I took it as i'm the other end of the country, but it's a Hunter machine you need to ask for when ringing round :thumbsup:

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