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99 S3 Clutch Problems + Gearbox

jakobsen May 2, 2013

  1. jakobsen

    jakobsen New Member


    i have some problems whith my 99 8L S3

    i did some street race and got the car into 3 instead of 5 gear, i got hold of the clucth before it got to 8500rpm, but after that i now have som small whine in the car, and it's almost only when i coast, ore try to hold an steady speed, i cant realy hear it when flooring the car, ore when ideling it down speed ?

    Second thing that also happend, i kind of forced the car in gear while drag racing it. Now the car feels like the clutch is lagging, when i press clutch pedal down, i cant shift into gear the first 1-2sec, after that i can easily get in all gears, only while the clutch is pressed down.

    if i relese the clutch and press again and try to get it into gear, then there is still lag before it would get in gear ??

    Hope you guys understand my questions and would be able to help me :)

    Thanks from Denmark


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