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'99 Audi 80 2.6 Convertible - KW coilovers & 18" Touareg rims

Geeman Mar 17, 2014

  1. Geeman

    Geeman Low Life

    I am having to sell my lovely Audi 80 Convertible.

    It's a '99 2.6 V6 model with a very nice and smooth auto box. It has had a new electric roof (that works!) which means it's in perfect condition with a crystal clear rear window. It has matching blue leather which is in great condition. Everything works in it, windows, original radio, electric aerial, correct projector headlights, etc.

    The silver body works really well with the blue roof & interior, but it does have a few small defects here and there.

    The rims are genuine Ronal 18" VW Touareg items which are worth a few quid on their own, wrapped in brand new 205/35 rubber. It sits on brand new (bloody hard to get hold of!) coilovers, KW rears and FK fronts.

    I've just had it serviced, with new water-pump, belts, stat, plugs, etc... so it runs like a peach.

    I want £3,000 for it, which when you consider what you get for that in a Mk2 Golf, is an excellent price!

    It's available to view in Grimsby. Give me a call on 07764 57 66 59 and come and have a look for yourself.

    I'll let the pics do their job now...! Please note that the registration plate does not come with the car.

    (excuse the orange side repeater on the passenger side, this is now clear!)










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