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99 a6 2.5tdi afb v6 quattro rebuild

smith4130 Dec 29, 2007

  1. smith4130

    smith4130 New Member

    hello all...

    has anyone bought cams from ebay.de....?

    does anyone know if there quality or ****...?

    any sugestions or tips on a rebuild wellcome cheers and happy new year....
  2. Turkster

    Turkster Bro.Paul 2.5TDI Quattro Sport

    its a big job mate, audi parts are not cheep for a reason.
  3. quattroavant

    quattroavant New Member

    Hi smith 4130, I'm a bit of a newbie,I haven't posted or replied but I have been a member while and done a fair bit of researching etc.on this site so here goes,I've just finished a top end overhaul on a 2.5 tdi AFB in my a6.It all started when I was replacing the belts etc.on tuning the engine over by hand it had a suspect click from the righthand bank,so I stripped the cover off only to find two of the cam followers had dissapeared and the tops of the hyd.lifters were not in good shape. the clicking sound tuned out to be another follower nearly leaving the hyd. lifter. So I stripped the other side off to find one follower gone.luckly the parts were still in the heads.The outcome of all this is it had to have 24 new cam followers and follower pads, 24 hyd. lifters, cam seal gaskets etc.The job is very fiddly and time consuming but you can leave the heads on,the genuine parts aren't too badly priced,in my opinion you do need a good degree of mechanical skills to tackle the job I have been working with cars for a long time,if you do have a go be extra clean,lay all the parts out in order etc. if you fit new lifters don't forget to VERY slowly compress the oil out and graphogen grease the followers this help lube. before oil pressure comes up and it will also help to hold the followers in place during assembly,good luck any problems please reply.:icon_thumright:
  4. the jammy one

    the jammy one Member

    mite sound silly but what if the follower isnt in the head ive done the exact same as yourself i thourt id finaly solved my issues then this im gutted just trying to find a cam kit now but im sure part of my follower is missing in action ive had the sump off and it isnt there and it isnt in the head how much stripping down will i have to do do you know surely it cant off got far lol please help

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