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'99 2.5 TDI V6 Replacing valve cover gasket - advice sought please

SiliconS Mar 12, 2007

  1. SiliconS

    SiliconS Member


    The helpful chaps at TC Garage in Sussex have diagnosed an oil leak at the offside rocker cover gasket on my '99 2.5 TDI (V6). I don't have time to lose the car for a day while they do it, so I've bought the kit from them and want to try it myself.

    Has anybody got any advice on this job? I bought a rubber cover gasket from them plus something that looks like a rubber-coated core plug. I'm not sure where this core plug fits, but the cover gasket has a half-round section moulded into each end that might mate with this rubber plug. Maybe it's obvious when I get the cover and old gasket off, but I'd be really grateful if anybody's got any advice before I start the job.

    Should I use any Hylomar-type sealant with the gasket, or just fit it dry?

    Thanks in advance,
  2. smith4130

    smith4130 New Member

    hay dude.... the half moon on the gasket is a seal that sits in a notch in left of the head under the cam cover .
    you can see this on the right side of the v6, it has a hole in it with a wire going through it to the first injector.....
    the job is hand enought to do i did it last week. if your good with hand tools you will have it done in an hour.
    couple of tips..... when you disconnect the injector lines there is braided hoses between the sides of the three injectors. the hoses are connected to stainless steel nipples, the nipples have ten mm screws fastening them to the side of the injectors. you'll need to take the ten mm screws out of the niples, they have copper washes on either side of the nipples... DON'T drop em or lose em....
    they are ineeling washers that form a seal. when your finished reassembling the job and have the car running you'll need to check that there is no fuel leaking from these niples..... very important... if they do just remove the offender and heat the cooper washers on a cooker until they are red and let them cool off and reassemble. they should sea good... if you not happy doing this you can buy them in any motor factors...

    when you have the cam cover off, the two cams have aluminum saddles on the end held on with a 11mm dome nuts. lift the saddle of the cam that is not connected to the belt pulley. when you lift off the saddle you see a half moon rubber seal remove it and replace it with the new one in the kit. you don't need to use gasket sealer glue on this. before you replace the saddle turn it over and on the contacting surface there is two very small canals. these do need sealer..... but don't over fill it.... if you look on the head where the saddle fits on either side of the cam there is two small holes for oil to lube the end of the cam... make sure your not putting gasket sealer in the oil supply canals...

    i hope this will be of help.....
  3. SiliconS

    SiliconS Member

    That's a great help - thank you very much! I'll print out your reply for when I'm doing the job.

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