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'99 1.8T Sport Quattro problems HELP....

kenlaw50n Aug 13, 2010

  1. kenlaw50n

    kenlaw50n Member

    Hi new to audi world. Bought car back in January and now I am having a couple o' problems.

    1st off, ABS light is on permanently with flashing " ! " in centre of instruments. Done a fair bit of looking into this and am guessing it's the ABS control module any ideas on how/where to get this fixed. Had a look on flebay but cant find any, 8E0 614 111 A, ABS pumps. If i did buy one from ebay would the control module be the same or would that be another part number again. Figured out it's all about numbers so far any other help would be really appreciated.

    2nd, Seem to be losing oil (around 200ml every 100 mile). Checked what i can with out ripping the thing apart. No sign of oil in the coolant and doesn't seem to be burning any oil.

    Any help would be really appreciated.
  2. neilA4

    neilA4 Member

    As long as the part number on ABS pump matches, the ecu will be the same. I got one for mine couple months ago from ebay £40 and all working fine. Easy to change in an hour max, just swap the ecu over, remove arch liner and loosen washer bottle bolts/move out of way, to get to the torx screws holding ABS ecu to pump. I have a spare (broken) ecu if you need the part number?

    Could be loosing oil through the turbo every now and then, I used to have a calibra turbo that let out a puff occasionally.Or a leak somewhere?
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2010
  3. ian52

    ian52 2000 a4 1.8tqs-yellow

    More than likely the abs issue will be the module but for about £100 you can get it fixed. They seem to be common on these.
  4. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Got mine fixed in 72 hours, but it was £200 but at least you get a 2 year guarantee as these things all seem doomed to fail - there's a whole web site trying to get Audi to provide them FOC as a recall (FAT chance!).
    Just remove the module and you can still drive the car, just tape a plastic bag round the exposed part of the pump to keep the **** off it. If you remove the whole pump then you are into draining the hydraulics and obviously the car can't be driven. Takes 20minutes to remove it and the same to refit.
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2010
  5. aragorn

    aragorn "Stick a V8 in it!" Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    As for the oil, how do you know the engines not burning it? Our old car used to use a litre every 2000miles or so, although that was on nearly 200k.

    200ml per 100miles is a lot, but if that much is leaking then it should be fairly obvious where the huge wet oil patch is...
  6. kenlaw50n

    kenlaw50n Member

    Cheers guys will have a look on ebay and see what i can find. if not it's off to bba-reman. Will be investigating the oil thing abit more once i get the car on a ramp. cheers for your help.
  7. kenlaw50n

    kenlaw50n Member

    Part number would be awesome mate cheers.
  8. neilA4

    neilA4 Member

    ok sticker is like this

    BOSCH ___________ 02336

    962577 ____________0 273 004 284

    im guessing the 0 273 004 284 is part number, came off 8E0 614 111 A pump so is the same as yours.

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