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98' A3 Oil Warning Light

1.8TCraig Feb 22, 2007

  1. 1.8TCraig

    1.8TCraig New Member

    Hey guys, I could really use your input into this one - my baby is a 1998 A3 1.8T Sport with AGU 1.8T engine (71,000miles and FASH): Yesterday a few moments after I started up the car and drove off, the oil warning light came on (the one indicating low oil). When I got to work ten minutes later I parked up the car and left it. When I popped out on my lunch to check the oil level and top up, the level seemed normal. Same thing happens now every time I drive the car, and I have checked the oil level several times.

    Now my question is: does this sound like a faulty sensor, a failing oil pump or any other ideas? :sorry: :keule:

    Should mention the car was serviced only 4000miles ago. Hope someone can point me in the right direction as I dont want to drive it incase I damage the poor beast!

    Cheers in advance!

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